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Are posted speed limits sometimes plainly wrong?

We questioned the credibility of posted speed limits using Big Data Analysis built in SpaceTime. We identified locations where...

Parsing and planning SQL queries with Apache Calcite – Part 1

To get the results, an SQL query must be parsed, validated, planned, optimized, and finally executed on a query engine. Apache Calcite can help with that.

Gently down the stream processing

How to perform real-time processing when data ingestion rates are measured in millions of entries per second?

Compiling SQL queries for Mireo SpaceTime

We built a distributed storage engine capable of storing and indexing trillions of entries and optimized a way of querying spatiotemporal data.

Was it my way, or was it highway? An introduction to map matching.

Map matching is a process of matching received vehicle coordinates with most likely road segment of a digital road map.

Why would a normal person build their own spatiotemporal database?

Storing and analyzing a large amount of spatiotemporal real-time data requires special treatment in choosing data structures and query algorithms.

What do you think about connected insurance based on GPS tracking?

I know you haven't had an accident in 15 years. That's why we're raising your rates. Because you're about due one. (Jantoo Cartoons)

One of the greatest barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles is?

One of the greatest barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is range anxiety. Electric vehicles have a limited range and long charging times...
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