Suspension Systems: Predicting and Improving Ride Comfort Across Diverse Terrains with SpaceTime

Dorian Derežić - 29/11/2023 | 3 min read

SpaceTime Predictive Maintenance Automotive

In the competitive world of automotive manufacturing, the role of data in driving innovation is increasingly pivotal. And one area which benefits greatly from innovation is the improvement of suspension systems.

Blue car shock absorbers

In its initial implementations, our SpaceTime platform proved to be a significant enhancement to OEMs' existing data gathering and analysis capabilities – focusing on real-world application and feedback to gather concrete insights that could be used to refine suspension system designs.

Complementing Existing Technologies

While OEMs have traditionally relied on a combination of sensor technology and testing by a limited group of drivers, Mireo SpaceTime can expand this scope dramatically.

By integrating with vehicles' existing sensor systems, SpaceTime is able to collect and analyze data from hundreds of thousands, even millions of vehicles post-production. This extensive real-world data provides OEMs with insights far beyond what controlled testing environments can offer.

Real-World Data for Tailored Suspension Systems

Mireo SpaceTime's strength lies in its ability to process and analyze telematics data gathered from a diverse range of drivers and environments. This enables OEMs to understand how different suspension designs perform across various terrains and driving conditions – not just in theory but in the everyday experiences of real drivers.

This approach allows for the development of suspension systems that are fine-tuned for specific markets and consumer needs.

Enhanced Development Process with Predictive Analytics

The real-time data processing capability of SpaceTime facilitates a more dynamic development cycle. It enables OEMs to swiftly move from concept to production with suspension systems optimized for performance and durability based on actual user data.

Predictive maintenance algorithms further enhance this process by forecasting wear patterns and maintenance needs, thus improving the longevity and reliability of the suspension systems.

Graphic visualization of connected car data over a traffic-heavy highway

Strategic Benefits for Automotive OEMs

Integrating Mireo SpaceTime into existing data ecosystems offers substantial benefits:

1. Reduced Reliance on Physical Prototyping

By leveraging real-world data, OEMs can significantly cut down on the need for extensive physical testing, reducing costs and accelerating development timelines.

2. Market-Specific Suspension Variations

The insights gained from a broad user base enable OEMs to create suspension system variations tailored to specific regional demands and driving conditions.

3. Informed Decision-Making

The wealth of data provided by SpaceTime supports more nuanced and informed decisions in suspension system development – aligning closely with actual market needs and consumer experiences.

A Valuable Addition to OEMs' Toolkit

SpaceTime represents not just a technological upgrade, but a strategic enhancement to the way OEMs develop and refine suspension systems. By enabling the collection and analysis of extensive amounts of real-world data, SpaceTime empowers OEMs to make data-driven decisions that resonate with the needs of diverse markets.

In a landscape where precision, customization, and real-world application are key, SpaceTime stands as an invaluable tool in the OEMs' arsenal – driving innovation and excellence in automotive manufacturing.

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