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Anti-speeding technology has just become mandatory in EU cars

Starting July 2022, every new car sold in the EU must have a built-in anti-speeding system. All new vehicle models must be fitted with Intelligent Speed Assistance systems and inform drivers in case of speeding.

Removing Connected Car Data Monetization Barriers

Why do connected car data fail at monetization? The most valuable companies nowadays are already generating record-high revenues from big data, but connected car data monetization is not happening at the pace predicted by McKinsey's 2016 report.

The future of car insurance – how the rules have completely changed

The current cost structure of insurance companies is simply not sustainable anymore. The future of car insurance is in connected car data analytics.

Tesla Rolls Out Usage-Based Insurance. Why Should You Care?

With Tesla offering real-time usage-based insurance, can we expect a major shift in the car insurance industry? The car insurance market has been heating up for hears, and the transformation towards telematics-based insurance is inevitable and cannot be avoided nor prolonged anymore.

SpaceTime outperforms GeoMesa by 17 times, study finds

Mireo SpaceTime outperforms GeoMesa in all performed benchmarks by giving response times in a range of seconds, unlike GeoMesa that requires minutes, shows Ericsson’s study. Mireo SpaceTime excels when executing different types of queries (spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal).

The fastest bridge in Zagreb - Traffic jams surge as schools reopen

How well do you know traffic patterns in your city? We present traffic patterns across 3 central bridges in Zagreb, explaining the traffic jams in detail and revealing the slowest bridge. This article is part two of our traffic analysis across the three main Zagreb bridges - The fastest bridge in Zagreb.

GPS Navigation in all cars by 2024

The built-in GPS is already a mandatory feature in new EU cars, and with ISA regulative approaching, it's reasonable to expect new cars to be equipped with embedded GPS navigation. Starting from 2022, the Intelligent Speed Assistance ISA will be mandatory for all new EU cars introduced on the market and from July 2024 for all new cars sold in the EU.

COVID-19’s paradoxical impact on road safety

Despite 13% fewer miles driven in 2020, traffic fatalities in the U.S. went up by 8%! Contrary, road fatalities in the EU plummeted by 17%, reaching the record low numbers. Can telematics explain such discrepancy and help to increase road safety?

How discriminative is your car insurance?

Telematics is what’s shifting the insurers’ discriminating models from socio-economic and non-driving factors towards precise claim risk factors. Currently, insurer's proprietary premium pricing models rely on a myriad of more or less non-driving and discriminating factors, such as are age, sex, skin color, ethnicity, etc.

Digital innovations in urban mobility - future-ready solutions

The true smart cities of the future will be the ones pioneering extracting the value from the data in enhancing living conditions and taking care of the environment. By leveraging tools that analyze various traffic patterns and through a series of centralized digitalized services, city authorities can significantly improve the quality of life and mobility.
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